5 Ways To Avoid Cruise Ship Weight Gain

5 Ways To Avoid Cruise Ship Weight Gain

So you’re going on a cruise? Cruises are notorious for weight gain and for a good reason. You don’t have to abandon your diet plan to enjoy your cruise though. Here are 5 tips for avoiding weight gain during a cruise.


1. Never Take The Elevator

To avoid cruise ship weight gain, pretend the elevator is out of order and take the stairs everywhere. I mean everywhere. It really adds up! Since everything you need is throughout the ship, you can rack up the steps by taking the stairs to get to every level.

2. Walk The Promenade

Speaking of walking, take advantage of the gorgeous views and walk the ship. Most cruise ships now have a promenade with a designated walking loop. Use it! It is not only a great way to get some extra steps but it allows you to really experience all of the scenery in the open air. You may get lucky and even spot some dolphins while you’re walking that you may have missed otherwise.

3. Walk Around Town if Your Excursion Ends Early

One exciting feature of cruise ships is stopping for excursions at various ports. If your excursion ends early, use the extra time to explore the town. The best way to explore is by walking! Ask the locals where the best coffee shop is or the best local hike.

4. Log Everything That You Eat

Knowledge is power. The buffet and unlimited ice cream don’t have to be your downfall. Download a food logging app before you leave or bring your favorite journal so you can write down everything that you eat. I prefer MyFitnessPal. When you are keeping track of what you are eating, it’s easier to limit your calorie intake.

5. Limit Portion Sizes

Overeating is the main cause of cruise ship weight gain. Speaking of buffets, avoid those second and third helpings. Limit yourself to one reasonably sized plate per meal and stop there. Remember, the food will still be there if you’re starving later.


Cruises don’t have to be the bane of your fitness. It is possible to go on a cruise and not gain weight by walking everywhere, logging everything that you eat, and limiting your portion sizes at the buffet. Enjoy your cruise this way and you’ll stay on track!

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