Getting Up The Courage To Go To The Gym

Getting Up The Courage To Go To The Gym

The gym can be a scary place. You have buff, sweaty guys grunting and throwing weights on the ground. You have women with full hair and makeup trying their hardest to win the attention of those guys. How do you fit in? Are you afraid of being judged on how you look or whether or not you will be able to figure out how to use the equipment? Trust me. I completely understand. I remember when I first started going to the gym, I would watch how other people used the equipment and then go copy them. I wouldn’t even try anything new because I felt too self conscious. You’re not alone in your fear of starting at the gym and these tips can help you overcome that fear.

1. Figure Out Your Why

Why do you want to workout? Why is it important to you? Did you have a health scare? Do you have an event coming up and want to feel your best? Are you just tired of feeling tired? Figuring out your why is going to be the driving motivation to go to the gym. When something is important to you, you make it a priority. When you’re feeling nervous about going, remember why you want it. Figuring out your why is the first step to overcoming your fear of the gym.

2. Use The Buddy System

Having a friend or family member to go with will go a long way. They are your security blanket and accountability partner. If you know that someone else is depending on you, you will be less likely to back out. You can walk around the gym figuring out the equipment together.  Even better if they are already familiar with the gym! Having someone that you know and trust as your gym buddy, can be exactly what you need to overcome the initial fear of starting a new program.

3. Make an Appointment With a Personal Trainer

Call ahead and ask to make an appointment with a personal trainer. Most gyms will give you a session with a trainer when you start. They can show you the equipment and give you some workout guidance. All you need to do is ask. I would highly recommend starting with a personal trainer because they can set you up on a plan to get you to your goal. It is much easier to get to a goal when you have a plan of action.


Starting up at a gym can be a scary thing. You can overcome this though by figuring out your why, by getting a friend to go with you, and by starting with a personal trainer. The benefits of fitness are numerous and it’s time to stop fear from holding you back!


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