Holiday Q&A: What Are Some Fun Ways To Get The Whole Family To Exercise Together?

Holiday Q&A: What Are Some Fun Ways To Get The Whole Family To Exercise Together?

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

The holidays are a glorious time where we can come together with friends and family to eat, drink, and be merry. This can pose an issue for your fitness and nutrition goals though. So, how do you enjoy the holidays without ditching your goals? You’ve asked and I’ve answered! I will take it question by question to help you navigate the holidays. Here is question number six.

What Are Some Fun Ways To Get The Whole Family To Exercise Together?

The best way to get the whole family to workout together is by turning the workout into a game. It isn’t always about lifting the heaviest or running the fastest. Sometimes, it’s just about getting some movement in. One fun way to get some movement in is by turning childhood games into a workout.

Red Light, Green Light

Pick one person to be the caller. Everyone else goes to the other side of the yard, walkway, etc. The goal of this game is to be the first person to reach the caller. The caller gets to choose one of three actions to call out.

When the caller calls Green Light, everyone runs forward as fast as they can. When the caller calls Yellow Light, everyone lunges forward to the caller. When the caller calls Red Light, everyone stops and does jumping jacks in place.

The first person that reaches the caller wins, and gets to be the caller for the next round.

You can play as many rounds as you would like. These exercises can also be swapped out with lower impact activities if needed.

Twister Run

Items Needed: Dice, 6 Pieces of Colored Paper (Or draw on white paper with different colored markers)

This game is a fun and active form of twister. Place 6 pieces of paper, each with a different color, in two rows of 3. Place each paper as far apart as you can.

Each person takes turns rolling the dice and each number coordinates with a color and an exercise. For example, if you roll a one, every single person has to do exercise X to get to color Y. Here is an example of fun exercises that you can do. Do this as many times as you would like!

Roll a 1- Run to Yellow and do 5 Squats

Roll a 2- Skip to Orange

Roll a 3- Bunny Hop to Blue

Roll a 4- Lunge to Purple

Roll a 5- Jog to Red and do 10 Jumping Jacks

Roll a 6- Frog Jump to Green


Working out can be a fun family activity for all ages, especially when turned into a game. You may just forget that you’re even working out because of all the laughs you’ll be having alongside your loved ones! For a workout that you can do on the playground while the kids are playing, click HERE!

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