Holiday Q&A: What Are The Top 3 Healthiest Holiday Foods?

Holiday Q&A: What Are The Top 3 Healthiest Holiday Foods?

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

The holidays are a glorious time where we can come together with friends and family to eat, drink, and be merry. This can pose an issue for your fitness and nutrition goals though. So, how do you enjoy the holidays without ditching your goals? You’ve asked and I’ve answered! I will take it question by question to help you navigate the holidays. Here is question number seven.

What Are The Top 3 Healthiest Holiday Foods?

Ah, the age old question for people trying to live a healthy lifestyle during the holidays. How do you enjoy the holidays and still eat healthy? If you’re contributing to or planning the meal, what is the healthiest thing that you can make? Not considering allergies, there are ways to swap out three commonly eaten foods for their healthier alternative. Check them out below.

Alternatives to your 3 favorite holiday foods

Mashed potatoes are a must during the holidays. They’re fluffy and delicious, but they also can contain a lot of calories. That is why you should opt for their lower calorie alternative, cauliflower mashed potatoes. I wouldn’t call myself a mashed potato snob or anything but I do love them! Cauliflower mashed potatoes though have passed my taste test. The key is to chop up the cauliflower and then boil it so it mashes right away. Add some nonfat milk, low calorie butter (or substitute), and some garlic. This is a great way to significantly lower your overall calorie intake!

Speaking of butter, the holidays are filled with a variety of calorie and fat dense butters, dressings, and spreads. The best alternative to this holiday must is I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Light. The light spray has virtually no calories in it and the light spread is significantly lighter than real butter. You can even add some garlic or herbs to the butter to kick up the flavor. Another alternative to a creamy dressing on a side salad is a simple vinaigrette. My favorite is raspberry vinaigrette, for all my sweet tooth’s out there!

I couldn’t speak about healthy holiday alternatives without addressing dessert. Often times, we opt for heavy pies and cakes for dessert. My favorite healthier alternative is cheesecake filled strawberries. They’re easy to make and small! First, take fresh strawberries and carve out the middle of the fruit. To keep the calories lower, only carve out a small portion of the strawberry. Then make a simple cheesecake filling with light cream cheese, powdered sugar, and vanilla bean extract. Pour the cheesecake filling into a piping bag and fill the inside of each strawberry with a dollop of cheesecake. Top it off with crushed graham crackers and you’re good to go! I will be putting this recipe up soon, but it’s so simple that you’re more than welcome to try it on your own!

So there you have it! Every holiday, I eat mashed potatoes, butter, and dessert. These 3 alternatives help me to stay healthy and can help you as well! If you have any further questions, please comment them below!

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