Wanderfit Favorites- BOH Gentle Ginger Tea

Wanderfit Favorites- BOH Gentle Ginger Tea

One of my favorite things during the colder months is a hot cup of tea before bed. It’s a great way to wind down at night without adding extra calories into your day. I always opt for Herbal tea, of course, so it doesn’t contain any caffeine. When I love a product, I want to share it with you guys! So, here is my favorite herbal tea!

BOH Plantations Gentle Ginger Tea

This delicious tea is grown and packaged in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia. It is a blend of ginger, lemon, licorice, and spearmint. It is a more subtle flavor, so the ginger isn’t overwhelming. In fact, it is absolutely delicious! Even my husband, who isn’t a big fan of tea, had a mug and gave it the thumbs up.

If you’re looking for a tea this winter to warm your bones, I’d highly recommend Gentle Ginger Tea from BOH Plantations. You can purchase it by clicking HERE. Enjoy!

You can check out their website at…



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