‘I Love You Berry Much’ Protein Smoothie Bowl

‘I Love You Berry Much’ Protein Smoothie Bowl

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love and the most important person to love is yourself. One important component of loving yourself is taking care of your body and giving it the fuel that it needs. This smoothie bowl is so delicious that you won’t help but fall in love! Check out the recipe below!

1 Scoop dotFIT WheySmooth Protein Powder

2 oz Milk

2 oz Water

1 oz Frozen Bananas

2 oz Frozen Strawberries

0.5 oz Frozen Blueberries

Blend together and stick in the freezer for an hour or so. Freezing it is optional, but I like the texture that it creates. It’s more like ice cream!

On Top:

2 oz Raspberries

2 oz Blueberries

29 grams (1 serving) Kind Healthy Grains, Raspberry Clusters with Chia Seeds


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