Lunch On A Parisian Park Bench

Lunch On A Parisian Park Bench

Ah, Paris! Cue the baguettes, fromage, and cancan dancers. What comes to mind when you think of Paris? If you’re like me, delicious food is high on the list. With extra food, comes extra calories, and extra calories will lead to weight gain. Can you do Paris without gaining weight? The answer is YES! You can enjoy Parisian food without putting on the pounds.

The French are known for their bakeries. Fresh-out-of-the oven baguettes and croissants will have your mouth watering from down the street. When I was in Paris, we made sure to stop by the boulangerie every day for a baguette. One day in particular, I was exhausted from 5 hours of walking around the Louvre. My need for sleep and food were battling each other for priority. I just couldn’t justify trading an entire afternoon in Paris for a nap though.

What To Do, What To Do…

To the boulangerie I went. I bought a baguette that was so fresh that it was hot to the touch. Hugging my baguette under my umbrella to keep it dry from the drizzling rain, I walked over to the Eiffel Tower where I found an empty park bench. I sat on that bench, ate my baguette, and became more in touch with myself than I had ever been before. The rain drops were rolling off the purple flowers as the joggers braved the rain, and the wide-eyed tourists took selfies with the Eiffel Tower. I realized in this moment that “Parisian” is more of a mind set than something that you try to be. I was at peace. One with myself and my baguette, and I fell in love with every moment of it.

The moral of this story is that you don’t need to consume a large amount of food to enjoy Paris (or any city for that matter). It’s the little things that matter most and a simple baguette gave me the Paris experience while saving the calories that I would have eaten from the various forms of cheese at a restaurant.



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