Meal Prepping While Traveling

Meal Prepping While Traveling

Tips For Meal Prepping While Traveling

Traveling is a time of exploration and adventure. This doesn’t mean that your nutrition should be ignored, though. It is possible to still follow your nutrition plan while on the road. Recently, my husband and I took a trip to New York City. In an effort to avoid the temptation of endless bagels and pizza, we took matters into our own hands. Using our daily calorie goal as our guide, we calculated how many ounces of turkey and loaves of bread we would each be eating every meal. Off to the deli we went! We found a quaint little deli to purchase our food for the weekend. The guys behind the counter thought we were crazy when we ordered 66 ounces of sliced turkey with croissant rolls to go with it. This extra preparation saved us though because we were able to keep our calories low and maintain control. Here are 5 tips for successfully meal prepping while traveling.


Know Your Number

The first step in meal prepping is knowing your calorie number. How many calories do you need to be eating every day to get to your goal? This number will vary depending on your goal, your lean body mass, and your movement. If weight loss is your goal, you will need to be eating a calorie deficit. More information on this topic, click Here.

Once you know your daily calorie intake, you can start to plan how you want to spend those calories every day.

Plan Your Meals

The second step in meal prepping is planning your meals. This may require a bit of research. Do you have a favorite restaurant that you want to eat at? Is there a certain type of food that you’re planning on eating while on this trip? Planning out the meals that you know you’ll be eating out, will allow you to plan the rest of your meals around it. Most chain restaurants have nutrition information online. This is an excellent tool to use. If you aren’t sure what the restaurant will be or if they don’t have nutrition information, you can estimate calories based on type of food and it’s closest match. For example, if you know you’ll be eating spaghetti, you can find a restaurant that has nutrition information for their spaghetti dish and use that as a guide.

When you know what food you’ll be eating out, you can then plan the rest of your meals around it. I love sandwiches because they are the easiest travel food. You can calculate the calories in your loaf of bread and turkey to figure out just how big of a sandwich will fit into your day.

Bring Your Own Tupperware Or Plastic Bags

Meal prepping is much easier when you bring your own tupperware containers or plastic bags to store the food in. Once your food, a sandwich for example, is made, you can place it in tupperware or a plastic bag and store it until it is time to eat it. Always try to find access to a mini fridge. This will allow you to purchase more than one day’s worth of food at a time and keep it fresh.

Stop By A Local Deli Or Grocery Store

Once you have a plan, you can go get all of the food that you will need. I love to find local deli’s or mom and pop shops to purchase food from. This way, you are still getting a taste of the local flavor.


Last, but not least, you can prepare your food in advance! That way, when you are rushing out of your hotel room, you can grab your meals and go. This eliminates the excuse of not having enough time and stopping by the local eatery. A bonus to this is that you can eat your meal anywhere. You won’t have to stop in the middle of sightseeing to find food because you have your food with you!


Prepping your meals when you are traveling may seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually fairly simple. Just know how many calories you need to eat, plan your meals out accordingly, bring your own tupperware, and fill in the rest of your meals with items from the local grocery store. This will help you stick to you goal, while you are exploring the city.


4 thoughts on “Meal Prepping While Traveling”

  • I totally agree Katie! It’s a real struggle for me to watch how many calories I’m taking in while traveling, and the first step is knowing what all that food consists of caloric-wise! Great tips! Preparing my own food in advance is usually the way I do it to (try!) to keep within my goals.

  • Excellent advice, Katie! I always look for accommodations with a mini fridge and hit a nearby grocery store for some healthy items to eat every day I am traveling while cutting out empty carbs. For me it’s all about balance!

  • Omg! Just the article I needed. I eat low carb and it’s so hard to maintain this diet when traveling. I have never thought about taking my own tupperware, but you are right, it might come handy!

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