To the Girl in the Back

To the Girl in the Back

You, yes, you.

Instagram. Facebook. Snapchat. Cycling Class. Starbucks. The Beach. I see you. You want to participate but don’t want to be seen. You heavily edit your photos before posting them. You leave your cover up on at the beach. You don’t take off your suffocating short sleeve shirt like the other girls in spin class who are now rocking their sports bras. I see you. I know you. I am you.

We all are. I have never met a single person that isn’t self conscious about something. Everyone has something that they’re insecure about. Something that they dread. We are all working towards a goal because, no matter what people want you to think, no one really believes that they are perfect.

So why do we hide? We feel like we have to cover up our “flaws”. But that’s just it. Everyone has “flaws” and that is what makes us beautiful. The very flaw that you may see in yourself may be the exact thing that another person adores about you. You are probably someone’s “goals” at this very moment. ROCK THAT! Be proud of it!

So you, yeah you. I see you. Take off that sweaty shirt and rock the super cute sports bra. Post the photo because we ALL have rolls. Ditch the cover up and get in the water. Go on that date. Or not, it’s totally up to you. Go talk to that person that you’ve been admiring. Eat the damn cake.

Love yourself because you are you.

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